Payments from Brazil made easy

at CambioCheckout your customer pays with brazilian reais and you get your payment in USD dollar. No fees, no problems.

Offer payments
by PIX or check.

Get Paid in up to 3 work days*
no trade risk whatsoever

**deadline for all payment methods except for credit cards.

0.38% IOF for
your customer

0% merchant fee and
Free API integration

Expand your business to Brazil offering local payment methods



How it works


Your customer clicks on CambioReal's button or the link you have shared with them and follow the prompts.


They choose the prefered payment method e pays it in Brazil using the exchange rate of the moment.


In up to 3 business days*, the entire amount in dollars arrives to your bank account in the USA.

*deadline for all payment methods except for credit cards.

Get 100% of the price you asked for!

No merchant’s fee, no exchange rate risks.

Technology that makes you grow!
Our platform offers you all the control you need so you can focus on making your business grow. As soon as the payment gets received in Brazil, the transaction status is changed on the spot. This way, you can provide a faster service for your customers asured that the whole amount of the payment is going to your bank account soon.

Besides, our team provides free support for your customers during the transaction, to push convertions
  • Status dashboard
  • Integrated to your system
  • Live Chat on page
  • Payment tool
  • Customizable

Free API Integration

  • Plugins


  • Customizable button
  • API Documentation
  • Tech Support
JSON example

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“button” : ”String”

tokenize: true



Will I pay to use CambioCheckout?

No. There is no charge. Fees and tariffs are added to the amount paid by the end customer.

How do I get started with CambioCheckout?

Fill out the form on this site or contact our customer service. We verify your identity (this takes a few minutes), register your bank account and then you can generate your first payment request.


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